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It's time to revolutionise how we do governance.

Reduce the risk of non-compliance

Paperless boards

It’s 2020! It really is time to stop printing and scanning.

Manage every part of your board meetings and shareholder communications in our secure cloud platform. Store all your documents, create templates, digital agendas and digital minutes plus much more.

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Seamless shareholder communication

Transform your shareholder experience and engage them better than ever. Communicate securely within the platform, a shareholder portal to access company reports, minutes, vote, join meetings and chat with other shareholders.





Governance as standard

Frictionless due diligence

Good governance is good for everyone. We are not a governance platform, it's just the outcome of going digital.

We have transformed the way a company keeps track of the governance activities though our smart governance tools. We store everything on our blockchain and produce searchable, visual governance records and reports.

Be investible

Make investment rounds easier with our due diligence tools.

The empowered secretary

Give company secretaries the tools to be effective.

Tamper proof

We create infallible records of all of your governance activities on our Blockchain.


Going digital means infinite scalability from the board level down.

Game changing governance powered by Blockchain

We are shifting the paradigm on board and shareholder management using Hyperledger Fabric Technology for immutable and secure storage, voting, document signatures and more.

Notice templates

Pre-populated notice templates for shareholder meetings for increased productivity.

Collaborative meetings

Make board meetings less of a pain and more productive with our board portal.

Digital minutes

Transcribe minutes directly into the platform, send for review and easily distribute to the board members or shareholders.

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