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What do you talk about when there is so much goodness packed into one platform? All you need to know is we have digitised the experience from the board to the shareholders and everything in between.

Board portal

Prepare, host and manage board and shareholder meetings in one secure portal from anywhere in the world.

Document management

Create, store, share and digitally sign all your documents in our secure cloud storage.

Secure voting

Run all your voting directly from a platform and even collect proxy votes securely and efficiently.

Game changing governance powered by Blockchain

We are shifting the paradigm on board and shareholder management using Hyperledger Fabric Technology for immutable and secure storage, voting, document signatures and more.

Shareholder experience

Board portal

Yes, board portals have existed but this is no standard portal. We have mapped out the user experience with hundreds of global boards and built what we believe is the most intuitive, frictionless and practical digital environment.

Company email and calendar integration

Digital minute module

Global task board

Secure chat and communication

Secure document storage and sharing

Integrated conferencing

One portal for all your company investments

Secure access to all information

Attend meetings, vote, pass proxy’s

Chat, comment and ask questions

Sign documents

Monitor company performance

Digital is a priority

Shareholder portal

Why do all the work at the board to become digital and not transpose that to your stakeholders and shareholders? Shareholders can see their upcoming meetings, previous reports and minutes, access available documents even chat with other shareholders or post questions to the CEO or board.

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